Bradley HU12 Coupling

Trailer Couplings

We supply all makes of Couplings, we only keep the most popular ones in stock ones, please feel free to get in touch with your query.

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When considering a trailer and its construction, one of the most important considerations are trailer couplings. The requirements and specific trailer couplings you need dependent on how your trailer has been constructed and its gross weight. You may be aware of your requirements if you are replacing an item or have worked with trailers for a while, however if you are looking to see what is out there or explore alternative options our range is broad and diverse. For braked trailer couplings, you must have a type approved coupling which is available in A-frame and straight drawbar variations. Unbraked trailer couplings (trailers less than 750kg gross weight) usually require straight drawbar applications. They are manufactured from cast metal or pressed steel and suit various box section sizes.
We stock a wide range of trailer coupling parts for many different types of trailers and towed equipment.


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