We service and repair all makes and models of trailer with a gross trailer weight (GTW) up to 3,500kg.

We carry out servicing on all trailers; horse trailers, livestock trailers, box trailers, car trailers and general purpose trailers.

In addition to servicing, we also supply and fit parts from all of the leading manufacturers. Rest assured, we only use genuine parts.

Braked TrailersUn-Braked Trailers
Check bearings
Check condition of wheels and tyres
Check for uneven wear on tyres
Visually check wheel alignment for bent axles
Grease coupling
Clean & re-grease taper roller bearings
Check operation of jockey wheel
Inspect wheel on jockey wheel
Inspect wiring for damage
Check body fittings are secure and operate correctly
Check all bolted connections
Check propstands & jacks (if fitted)
Check general condition
Remove hubs
Inspect brake shoes & springs
Inspect drum for damage
Brake expander
Brake cables
Auto reverse mechanism
Adjuster operation
Reassemble and adjust the brakes
Check for vertical play in drawbar
Check coupling linkages
Check coupling bellows
Check coupling damper
Check operation of the handbrake

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